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Observer (The)     Icon Icon
See also: bath advertiser, somerset oracle, ubley gazette → Established: not yet
The Observer (officially titled 'The Keynsham & Saltford Observer') is a free advertising leaflet that costs 20p where sold. The Observer is delivered to over 10,000 homes each week and has approximately 450 readers.

Ogborns     Icon Icon Icon
See also: Fogborn, Frog spawn, kays, golden rose → Headquarters: Bath Hill
Ogborns was a chain of newspaper shops that existed in Keynsham, England, for a long time, a long time ago. The shops came in several varieties - Old, New, The Birthday Shop - and were mostly located in and around the High Street, effectively providing competition for themselves. Ogborns was runner-up in the town's Newsagent Wars, narrowly losing out to Church's in the final. Old Ogborns was the town's major employer until parents stopped their kids from getting paper rounds because of prescription drug-related paranoia.

Olden Days (The)     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: the stone age, roman days, middle age spread → Estimated date: Pre-today
The Olden Days is a phrase used by many people to describe a period of time that is neither present nor future. The term is widely-believed to mean an era before television or toasters. Several species of scientists in Peru have recently published reports claiming that the Olden Days could in fact be a hoax.

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