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Dapps Hill     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Flood level marker, old gasworks, woodland → Years since major flood: 41
Dapps Hill is a quaint, tree-lined road and residential area located in Ye Olde Parte of Keynsham. It owns a bridge over the nearby River Chew and is home to an Albert Mill. Dapps Hill is a designated free parking area and is famed for producing wicked conkers.

Destiny®     Icon Icon Icon
See also: lucky star, star crossed, chicken crosses road, road to somewhere → CEO: Laip O'Dagods
Destiny® is multi-national manufacturing company that operates in the Lifestyle Choices marketplace. The company is a non-profit making organisation that reinvests all proceeds back into society, via the Karma program. Destiny® is the Planet's leading provider of the multi-purpose compound Outcome, and was previously known as Fate®.

Double Decker     Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: William Rushton, foil wrapper, sunshine corner → Related to: Texan bar
A Double Decker (often referred to as a 'DD') is an award-attracting confectionery bar, first constructed in 1976 by former-Keynsham-based chocolate moguls Cadburys. The geological nature of a Double Decker is composed of a generous layer of nougat resting over an underlying sub-strata of rice crispies. Some raisin measures occasionally occur. A fertile chocolate topsoil is always evident. A new sub-class of Double Decker was discovered in 2004, containing traces of nuts, but was widely-regarded by leading experts as being 'Snickers in Cadburys clothing'. The Double Decker is now an Amber Status endangered species.

Dr Heath Cadbury     Icon Icon Icon
See also: Plaigarist, backhand, deja vu → Years since gainful employment: 5
Dr Heath Cadbury is an architect and interior designer whose most notable achievement is designing the Nobel Award-winning replacement for Keynsham Clock Tower in 2004. Dr Cadbury lives in the disputed city of London, where he counts his money and gives lectures on Minimal Effort. He has never married and owns a pet poodle called Charles.

Dr Stirling Way     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Bingo nights, Doctor Love, Doctor No, Entinox → Doctor in: The Public House
Dr Stirling Way is a genial medical practitioner who resides in Keynsham, near Bristol.

Duke Of Monmouth (The)     Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: battle of the planets, heads will roll, gallant attempt → current status: resting
The Duke Of Monmouth was the landlord of the Lock Keeper pub (then known as 'The White Harte') in Keynsham in the mid 17th century. Bored with pulling pints for passing packhorse people, the Duke decided to raise an army and march on the mythical town of London. Due to a combination of bad luck and excess ale, the Rebel Army actually ended up in Westonzoyland, near Sedgemoor. Undeterred, The Duke led his men into battle under the cover of night, but an un-silenced mobile phone blew his cover and the Army were routed by the King's hired goons. Despite running away, the Duke was later captured and given a stern ticking-off by the brewery.

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