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AM-TV    AM-TV    (Albert Mills Television)
Because sometimes you can't even be bothered to visit YouTube
Welcome fellow citizens of Earth to the fabled transmission mission that is AM-TV (Albert Mills Television), the no-expense-spared 'tube theatre' with the luxury velvet seating and choice of two screens. AM-TV is proud to be sponsored by Abbey Park Pharmacy - "Drugs for all..."

Screen 1 → The Lord Mayor Of Keynsham
The Late Mr Johnny Bodman Speaks

"You only got one life, and one life is what you make it."

Wise words. Very wise words, goaded out of the right-honourable Lord Mayor Of Keynsham himself, the late Mr. J. Bodman, by a posse of pub garden drinkers armed with a camera phone and a YouTube account.

Johnny was the rightful ruler of this hallowed town because he'd been here longer than anyone else. By all accounts, he used to own half of it. His coat was literally dripping with hard-fought winners medals.

So, let's thank the good people of The Ship Inn beer garden for capturing this unique insight into what makes Keynsham so damn great. Remember folks, Keep Keynsham Local. RIP Mr Bodman.

Screen 2 → Bygone Keynsham
When life was mainly black and white

The past - there's no escaping it. Since the beginning of time, the past has been hanging around like a bad smell, reminding present-day people of stuff that happened.

However, not all of the past is bad. Granted, there have been wars, plagues and councils, but some of the past is actually quite good.

However, the video evidence of this startling claim has been removed from the Tube of You, so you'll have to look at a blank curtain instead. Cheers, then.