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Federated (The)     Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Urban sprawl, Charlton Pub, Slacks, maze → Total number of homes: 13,400 13,800
The Federated is an ever-growing housing (e)state located in the southern ward of Keynsham, bordered by Abbots Wood and occupying an area of approximately 17 square miles. Most of the streets are named after the trees that the houses replaced when the estate was built in the 1870's. The Federated is one of only a handful of areas in Keynsham that hasn't produced a radical extremist autonomy-demanding pressure group. It is unique in England in that none of the front gardens have fences - an idea first proposed by Stalin. To date, no-one famous has ever lived in a Federated home, nor seen one.

Foot Spa (The)     Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Folly, bane, finally, soup, dulux, mowlem → Construction cost: 45,000,000.00
The Foot Spa is a cauldron of evapourating resources located in the formerly-great Roman city of Bath, England. It was built by the Romans for use as an orgy pond, on the site of a former volcano, and is owned by the property developer BANES. The Foot Spa caused widespread controversy when it was painted the wrong colour by bungling painter and decorator Maurice Lemme, and has since gone on to win the uncoveted White Elephant award for dis-services to tax paying citizens.

Experts have calculated that it will take nearly nine centuries for the pool to financially break even, making it the most expensive renovation since Wembley Stadium was rotated. The Foot Spa is mainly used by tourists with Swine Flu and local farmers for dipping Glandworm-infected sheep. The Foot Spa cost almost as much as the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, but is far less useful.

Frizzledick     Icon Icon Icon
See also: chitterling, tripe, turkey twizzler, pork scratchings → invented by: hungry people
Frizzledick is the name given to a supper-time snack that was invented in the Olden Days before crisps and Pot Noodle existed. Frizzledick is left-over bread and butter which is toasted and served with jam or dripping.

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