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Letz Queue     Icon Icon Icon
See also: John Ateyo, Paul Randall, Rainer Bonhof, Kew Gardens → Own goals scored: 11
Letz Queue is the star centre-forward and captain of Western League promotion hopefuls BANES. He is the club's longest-serving player and has been capped many times.

Life     Icon Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: get a life, twenty stretch, life before death, root canal → current status: ongoing
Life is a term used to describe the interval of time which occurs between birth and death, and is widely-regarded by experts as being both too short and not fair. The great philosopher Einstein once wrote: "Life is a series of kicks in the teeth followed by trips to the dentist." Scientists are currently looking at the sky for signs of life in other civilisations, but none has been reported so far. Many Humans in the Universe have mastered the art of internal life, allowing them remain alive, even while sleeping.

London     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: The Big Smoke, the Mitchell Brothers, Strike A Light Guv → Famous for: 15 minutes
London is a mythical city that is believed to exist in the lands to the east of the Cotswolds. Its existence was first proposed by the 15th-century philosopher Harry Houdini, who calculated the city to be over 14 miles away. London is rumoured to be inhabited by ferocious dragons and fish-beasts. It is said that no man has ever escaped the city with his soul.

Lord Mayor Of Keynsham     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Citizen smith, Che Guevara, King Arthur → Includes powers of flight & X-ray vision? Yes
The Lord Mayor Of Keynsham is an Honorary title and position voted for by the people of Keynsham every once in a while. The Lord Mayor Of Keynsham represents the ultimate seat of power in the region, and is widely-regarded as being directly in command of BANES, the head of which is currently Mr Letz Queue. The current Lord Mayor Of Keynsham is the ever-popular local patriot Johnny Bodman, who has held the seat since the Battle Of Temple Street.

Lower Queens     Icon Icon Icon Icon
See also: Seven seas of rhye, catcher in the rye, vietnam vet → Twinned with: Upper Queens
Lower Queens is a residential borough of Keynsham that is divided from Upper Queens by an imaginary line which runs between Tenby Road and Norman's Garage in Queens Road. Lower Queens is flanked by Keynsham's poshest street, Charlton Park, and includes the Cameroon Embassy and a Give Way sign among its many landmarks.

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